Most constellation names are Latin in origin, dating from the Roman empire,
but their meanings often originated in the distant past of human civilization.

Constellations by Catagory

Many of the constellations represent a varity of different meanings which can help you choose the correct constellation for your Star.


Animal Lovers

  • Dorado (Goldfish)
  • Camelopardalis (Giraffe)
  • Aquila (Eagle)
  • Lepus (Rabbit)
  • Canes Venatici (Hunting Dogs)

Artistic / Musical

  • Lyra (Harp)
  • Pictor (Painter's Easel)

Astronomical & Scientific

  • Ophiuchus (Serpent Bearer)
  • Octans (Octant)
  • Microscopium (Microscope)
  • Pyxis (Ship's Compass)

Family / Mother's & Father's Day

  • Cepheus (King)
  • Centaurus (Centaur)
  • Bootes (Herdsman)
  • Cassiopeia (Queen)
  • Auriga (Charioteer)
  • Orion (Hunter)


  • Ursa Major (Big Bear)
  • Pegasus (Winged Horse)
  • Canis Major (Large Dog)
  • Draco (Dragon)
  • Columba (Dove)

New Borns & Christenings

  • Ursa Minor (Little Bear)
  • Cygnus (Swan)
  • Grus (Crane)
  • Equuleus (Colt)


  • Phoenix (Fire Bird)
  • Piscis Austrinus (Southern Fish)

Romance / Valentines / Weddings

  • Andromeda (Princess)
  • Hercules (Champion)
  • Perseus (Hero)
  • Corona Borealis (Northern Crown)
  • Coma Berenices (Berenice's Hair)

Zodiac Constellations

A constellation is a group of stars forming a pattern that have a symbolic meaning. Here are the 12 zodiac star sign constellations and their explaination.



20 Jan - 18 Feb

This well-known constellation of the zodiac represents a mouth pouring water from a jar. In Greek mythology, Aquarius (also known as Ganymede in Roman myth) was a beautiful young boy whom Zeus brought to Olympus to be the cup bearer of the Gods. It is suggested that Zeus fell in love with Aquarius.



19 Feb - 20 Mar

Pisces represents the twelfth and final stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. Venus and her son Cupid escaped Typhon as two fish tied together. In Greek mythology, they are Aphrodite and Eros.



21 Mar - 19 Apr

Aries depicts the ram with the golden fleece, famous from Greek mythology, and is a zodiac constellation. In Greek mythology, the ram carried Athamas's son Phrixux and daughter Helle to Colchis to escape Ino. 



20 Apr - 20 May

A highly impressive constellation of the zodiac, which is said to represent the Greek god Zeus disguised as a bull.



21 May - 20 Jun

Zodiac constellation depicting the twins Castor and Pollux who sailed with the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece and who were later regarded by the ancient Greeks as patron saints of seafarers. They were the brothers of Helen of Troy. They are also the protectors of ships and sailors.



21 Jun - 22 Jul

Zodiac constellation representing the crab that, in Greek mythology, was crushed by Hercules during his battle with the multi-headed Hydra.



23 Jul - 22 Aug

A majestic zodiac constellation depicting the lion that Hercules killed as one of his twelve labours.



23 Aug - 22 Sep

This is the largest constellation of the zodiac and the only one to represent a female figure. Amongst others, she has been identified as Dike, the Greek goddess of Justice.



23 Sep - 22 Oct

One of the constellations of the zodiac and associated with Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. The only “non-living" object in the Zodiac. Romans chopped claws from Scorpio during Autumn Equinox to make Libra.



23 Sep - 22 Oct

A beautiful constellation of the zodiac, depicting the scorpion that, in Greek mythology, killed Orion with its sting. The old version of its name, Scorpio, is only used in astrology.



22 Nov - 21 Dec

A zodiac constellation located on the Milky Way in the direction of the centre of the galaxy. It depicts Crotus, the son of the Greek god Pan and the inventor of archery, aiming his bow at a scorpion - neighbouring constellation Scorpius.



22 Dec - 19 Jan

Smallest constellation of the zodiac, depicting a fish-tailed goat. In Greek myth it is linked with the goat-like god Pan, who turned his lower half into a fish to escape the sea monster Typhon. Also known as Amalthea who provided for baby Zeus after Rhea saved him from Cronos.

All 88 Constellations

AndromedaPrincessNorthernViewable from UK
AntliaPumpSouthernViewable from UK
ApusBird of ParadiseSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
AquariusWater BearerEquitorialViewable from UK
AquilaEagleEquitorialViewable from UK
AraAltarSouthernNot Viewable from UK
AriesRamSouthernNot Viewable from UK
AurigaCharioteerNorthernViewable from UK
BootesHerdsmanNorthernViewable from UK
CaelumChiselSouthernNot Viewable from UK
CamelopardalisGiraffeNorth PolarViewable from UK
CancerCrabEquitorialViewable from UK
Canes VenaticiHunting DogsNorthernViewable from UK
Canis MajorLarge DogEquitorialViewable from UK
Canis MinorSmall DogEquitorialViewable from UK
CapricornusSea GoatEquitorialViewable from UK
CarinaKeelSouth PolarViewable from UK
CassiopeiaQueenNorth PolarViewable from UK
CentaurusCentaurSouthernViewable from UK
CepheusKingNorth PolarViewable from UK
CetusWhaleEquitorialViewable from UK
ChamaeleonChamaeleonSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
CircinusCompassesSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
ColumbaDoveSouthernViewable from UK
Coma BerenicesBerenice's HairEquitorialViewable from UK
Corona AustralisSouthern CrownSouthernNot Viewable from UK
Corona BorealisNorthern CrownNorthernViewable from UK
CorvusCrowEquitorialViewable from UK
CraterCupEquitorialViewable from UK
CruxSouthern CrossSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
CygnusSwanNorthernViewable from UK
DelphinusDolphinEquitorialViewable from UK
DoradoGoldfishSouthernNot Viewable from UK
DracoDragonNorth PolarViewable from UK
EquuleusColtEquitorialViewable from UK
EridanusRiverSouthernViewable from UK
FornaxFurnaceSouthernViewable from UK
GeminiTwinsEquitorialViewable from UK
GrusCraneSouthernNot Viewable from UK
HerculesChampionNorthernViewable from UK
HorologiumPendulumSouthernNot Viewable from UK
HydraSea SerpentEquitorialViewable from UK
HydrusSerpentSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
IndusIndianSouthernNot Viewable from UK
LacertaLizardNorthernViewable from UK
LeoLionNorthernViewable from UK
Leo MinorLittle LionNorthernViewable from UK
LepusRabbitEquitorialViewable from UK
LibraScalesEquitorialViewable from UK
LupusWolfSouthernPartially Viewable from UK
LynxCatNorthernViewable from UK
LyraHarpNorthernViewable from UK
MensaTable MountainSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
MicroscopiumMicroscopeSouthernPartially Viewable from UK
MonocerosUnicornEquitorialViewable from UK
MuscaFlySouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
NormaCarpenter's SquareSouthernNot Viewable from UK
OctansOctantSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
OphiuchusSerpent BearerEquitorialViewable from UK
OrionHunterEquitorialViewable from UK
PavoPeacockSouth PolarNot Viewable from UK
PegasusWinged HorseEquitorialViewable from UK
PerseusHeroNorthernViewable from UK
PhoenixFire BirdSouthernNot Viewable from UK
PictorPainter's EaselSouthernNot Viewable from UK
PiscesFishesEquitorialViewable from UK
Piscis AustrinusSouthern FishSouthernViewable from UK
PuppisStern of ShipSouthernViewable from UK
PyxisShip's CompassSouthernViewable from UK
ReticulumNetSouthernNot Viewable from UK
SagittaArrowEquitorialViewable from UK
SagittariusArcherSouthernPartially Viewable from UK
ScorpiusScorpionSouthernPartially Viewable from UK
SculptorSculptorSouthernViewable from UK
ScutumShieldEquitorialViewable from UK
SerpensSerpentEquitorialViewable from UK
SextansSextantEquitorialViewable from UK
TaurusBullEquitorialViewable from UK
TelescopiumTelescopeSouthernNot Viewable from UK
TriangulumTriangleNorthernViewable from UK
Triangulum AustraleSouthern TriangleSouthernNot Viewable from UK
TucanaToucanSouth PolarViewable from UK
Ursa MajorBig BearNorthernViewable from UK
Ursa MinorLittle BearNorth PolarViewable from UK
VelaSailsSouthernNot Viewable from UK
VirgoVirginEquitorialViewable from UK
VolansFlying FishSouthernViewable from UK
VulpeculaLittle FoxEquitorialViewable from UK